Pray for Zero

Welcome to the Pray for Zero global prayer family!

Thank you for taking the first step in committing to pray for the 220 million people without God’s word.

We believe that God is inviting you, your church, your prayer groups, and families to pray like never before! The enemy opposes the work of Bible translation, but God’s word tells us that the “prayers of a righteous person have great power” (James 5:16).On this truth, our community stands. You have a unique opportunity to join a movement fervently praying to see that there are zero people on earth without access to the Holy Scriptures.


A global movement of intercessors, praying for Bible Translation 80,000 prayer warriors strong (and growing) across Asia, Africa, the Pacific, and beyond. A multi-tiered global initiative mobilizing every region of the world in prayer for Bible Translation through language projects and prayer profiles.

We’re here for you on this journey to following God deeper in prayer and mobilizing your sphere of influence to join you. By joining this community, you will learn about God’s heart for the world, get equipped to pray consistently, and unite with followers of Jesus around the globe in prayer.

We can’t wait to get to know you. Here’s how to go deeper with us:

  • You (and/or your church) will receive our weekly Pray for Zero Digital Global E-Newsletter/Prayer Journal that will strengthen and inform your prayers for Bible Translation.
  • Access mobilization resources and tools at
  • Join your regions Prayer Leader Calls for connection and encouragement!
  • Go deeper in your knowledge of spiritual warfare and other topics to strengthen your growth in the Lord through our Pray for Zero University courses.
  • Join in the Unceasing Prayer Hour for Bible Translation at!
  • Engage with unique devotional and prayer content to encourage the heart of the intercessor, curated just for prayer leaders!
  • Host a Pray for Zero Summit gathering or Sunday, but following the steps in our 1K Church Mobilization Toolkit guide!
  • Gather your community to view the upcoming Pray for Zero global prayer experience!

We desire to empower you to your full potential in praying for the Bibleless. Please message us with any questions or concerns at

Together, we believe that through the Holy Spirit, as the Global Church prays, all peoples will receive God’s Word in this generation.

Until all have heard!

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