The Great Commission Coalition

Tom leads the Great Commission Coalition, founded in May 1999. GCC serves to mobilize and unite the Church in prayer, mission partnerships and generations to fulfill the Great Commission. God has blessed GCC to build partnerships with servant leaders across South and Southeast Asia and beyond since it began 23 years ago.

Current alliances and activities for Tom and GCC include:
International Prayer Connect / Executive Committee Goal: Mobilizing Prayer for the fulfillment of the Great Commission Role: Facilitating the development of the Global Family Forum

Global Children's Task Force - 2BC / 2 Billion Children
Goal: Every Child Everywhere - On Mission With God
Role: Connecting children and those who serve them to mission movements

Global Alliance for Church Multiplication / GCC is one of 108 members
Goal: A church of multiplying disciples for every 1,000 people everywhere
Role: Connecting new partners in prayer, evangelism and across generations

Billion Soul Harvest by 2030 / Co-Convener
Goal: Win one billion people to Christ by the end of 2030
Role: Connecting Billion Soul Harvest to other movements around the world

Finishing The Task / Breakthrough Prayer Task Force
Goal: A Bible, a Believer and a Body of Christ and Breakthrough Prayer for every people group by 2033
Role: Connecting prayer and generations for the 4 “B” goals

Tom is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary and carries to these tasks 8 years of pastoral experience in the Chicago and New York Areas. He also served for 15 years with the Christian Broadcasting Network. As Vice President for the Ministry Division, he led a team of 500 employees and 10,000 volunteers in 90+ ministry centers worldwide. Tom has two married children and six grandchildren in the U.S. and several dozen more who have adopted him as grandpa overseas. Mercy, Tom's wife, was promoted to heaven in June 2016.

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